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Kagami Crystal Co., Ltd. (Kagami Crystal Glass Co., Ltd.) is the first professional Crystal glass manufacturer in Japan. It was founded by Kagami Kozo in 1934. Over the past 80 years, through unremitting efforts, the company has cultivated the skilled skills of manual blowing, manual carving and so on, and strives for excellence in producing a large number of original products. Our professional craftsmen have superb craft and art technology, each product is elaborately made by dozens of craftsmen.

The founder of the company 鑛 three, in 1927 to study abroad in Germany, the clear beauty of crystal glass and the art of sculpture back to Japan. Using the techniques he learned in Germany and through continuous efforts, he developed the characteristics of crystal glass to the extreme and sublimated it into an art. Many international awards have been awarded in recognition of his achievements. In 1943, he received the Honorary Award for the Chicago International Convention and Exhibition, followed by the Honorary Award for the Paris and New York World Expositions, and the highest prize for the Brussels World Exposition. It is no exaggeration to say that the glorious life of Kagami Crystal and the glorious progress of Kagami Crystal are a history of the Crystal glass industry in Japan.
In 1943, the company was commissioned to make daily items for the wedding of Prince Imitauchi, the first daughter of the Emperor Showa, Princess Senko. Since then, he has been under the patronage of the royal family. In 1968, he produced dinner tableware for the new hall of the Imperial Household Office, and in 1974, he supplied dinner tableware for the official guest house and the Hefeng House. Our crystal cup, as the representative of the Japanese kakuki, is used in welcoming the royal family, presidents and other state guests of the world and other grand banquets.

Our products are used by more than 250 Japanese embassies and consulates around the world, and we are proud to receive the praise of the highest grade crystal cups in Japan. In addition, our company also uses a variety of advanced technology to produce crystal handicrafts, custom products and the most advanced western wine bottles and perfume bottles and other products.

In the future, our company will continue to carry forward the business 鑛 three left us the spirit of "the heart of creation", continue to hone and deepen skills, improve technology, and continue to create unique products to meet customer needs.


Glassware used at every Japanese embassy and general consulate in the world.


Work of art created by Kozo Kagami, the founder of Kagami Crystal, which won the Award of the Japan Art Academy in 1960.


Work of art created by Kozo Kagami, the founder of Kagami Crystal, which won the Grand Prize at the Brussels World Expo in 1958.

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Crystal glass is a form of transparent glass, such as quartz crystal. It is produced with carefully selected, pure raw materials. Our top quality crystal glassware is known for refined design and unique artisan techniques and characterized by a high degree of transparency, brilliance and clear sound.



The first Edo Kiriko, or Japanese traditional cut glass, originating to the Edo period, is believed to have been made by Kyubei Kagaya, a master glass craftsman in Odenma-cho, Edo or old Tokyo in the late Edo period. (The Edo period is a period of Japanese history, running from 1603 to 1868.) Edo Kiriko was created and nurtured by the townsmen of Edo. Since then, for over 180 years, its excellent designs and finest techniques have been handed down to generations of Kiriko craftsmen.

Edo Kiriko is highly reputed for the most exquisite and delicate cutting, and designated by the Japanese government as the traditional craftwork. It is very popular both in Japan and abroad as a gift symbolizing Japanese culture.


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